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3 Villages ~ Trumptonshire

I guess if you have already looked around this site then you are already a fan of the Trumptonshire Trilogy that consists of Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley.


  • Camberwick Green was the first children’s animated television show to be aired in colour on the BBC in 1966 during the 'Watch With Mother' lunchtime slot.
  • All three series were created by the wonderful Gordon Murray, who celebrated his 90th birthday in 2011. Gordon wrote the scripts and made most of the characters.
  • All the songs and sound effects were composed and performed by Freddie Phillips.
    The original Trumptonshire trilogy - Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley - was created using stop motion animation and actual 3D scaled down models.
  • The model characters were eight-inches tall (without their hats). Their heads were made of ping-pong balls, and clothes out of foam latex.
  • Each series title was a seperate location within the fictional English county of Trumptonshire.
  • The original filming took place at the home of uncle and nephew, Bob Bura and John Hardwick, in Crouch End, London. It later moved to a disused church also in Crouch End.
  • The entire trilogy consisted of 39 x 15-minute episodes.
  • The narration and singing were courtesy of Brian Cant – the only voice you ever hear in all three series.


If you wish to know more about the wonderful characters and 39 episodes, I can do no better than highly recommend two superb websites that will educate, entertain and amuse you in equal measure:


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Gordon Murray with Robert Harrop Designs figures of Mickey Murphy, Captain Flack, Windy Miller & Mrs Honeyman.