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Robert Harrop Designs Camberwick Green Archive


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Welcome to my website, which  is devoted to the wonderful world of Robert Harrop Designs Camberwick Green figures.



By 1998, Robert Harrop Designs  were already an established company, with a stunning portfolio of figurines  produced as the Doggie People range, as well as characters from the
quintessential British comic Beano and the popular PG Chimps, when the company  started to produce figurines from the popular children’s programme Camberwick  Green.


In reality, Camberwick Green was just one of three series of 15 minute  programmes set around the Trumptonshire villages of Trumpton, Chigley and  Camberwick Green, and it is not uncommon for those reminiscing about children’s  television from the mid 1960’s to mix the various characters up between the trilogy. For the purpose of this site, unless otherwise indicated, I will continue to refer to the collective trilogy as Camberwick Green.



Hindsight of course is a  wonderful thing, but I personally doubt that when the first Windy Miller was  pulled from its mould that anybody at Robert Harrop Designs realised or indeed  appreciated that some 15 years later there would be a demand from Camberwick  enthusiasts for historical data in respect of the 300+ various figurines produced to date.



In the absence of a single  point of reference (my constant requests for a book are well known at Robert  Harrop Designs), I have embarked on this project which hopefully will provide fellow enthusiasts with that missing single reference point. This is my very  first venture into creating a website, so I trust you will forgive any mistakes  that you may find, and I certainly apologise for the amateurish appearance. You  will certainly note my struggle to deal with different picture sizes! At the  same time, it is very much work in progress and I certainly hope to fill in the  missing blanks and generally improve the content as and when I find the right material (or indeed the right skills). That said, my feeble something is surely better than nothing. I will gladly take down this site the  day Robert Harrop’s catalogue of the entire history of Camberwick Green figures  is delivered by Peter Hazel the Postman, until then ………… 

This is a non-commercial reference site purely designed to enlighten and enthuse, and clearly all rights remain with
those concerned.