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Robert Harrop Designs Camberwick Green Archive



First and foremost I wish to record my sincere appreciation to Mr Gordon Murray for providing me with hour upon hour of innocent childhood entertainment and even more hours of 'grown-up' happy memories.


Secondly I wish to thank Mr Robert Harrop and the entire team at Robert Harrop Designs for producing so many wonderful figurines and for permitting me to use their images for this little project. I would particularly like to record my heartfelt appreciation to Matt and Dan Buckley, both of whom have had to endure years of my sometimes over-enthusiastic witterings regarding all things Camberwick Green, either on the official forum, telephone, in emails and on my numerous visits to The Mill where I am welcomed on each and every occassion as if it was my first ever visit.


Last but not least, to the wonderful lady frequently referred to by me as Mrs 452, who has seen part of her home turn into a Robert Harrop museum and endure evenings being ignored whilst I immerse myself in research and anything else Robert Harrop / Camberwick Green related.

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