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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is such and such worth?

The simple answer is how much are you willing to pay or sell for, however I appreciate that life is not that simple. I have randomly tracked prices over the years, and have seen prices rise and fall and rise again during this period of time. Some figures command a price way and above their original RRP whilst others now sell on the secondary market below their original RRP. It should be fairly obvious and safe to say that the rarer the figure is, either by it's uniqueness or the number produced, the more it is worth. For all these reasons and more I cannot personally provide you with a figure. I would suggest that you research eBay or similar on-line auction sites for a rough guide. 


Can you send me a bochure / price list etc?

I'm afraid not. As I have written elsewhere, this site has been designed by me for collectors, enthusiasts etc. as a point of reference (in the absence of a book). I am not employed by Robert Harrop Designs, nor do I have any direct connection with the company other than being a long term collector, member of the collectors club and erstwhile pain in their sides. Any enquiries of this type should be directed to the company, details of which can be found on the Links page.


Can I buy such and such from you?

Again the answer is no, if it is a figure first produced in 2014 it may be worthwhile directing your enquiry direct to Robert Harrop Designs, failing that, see the question/answer below.


Where can I buy such and such?

Robert Harrop Designs ceased producing Camberwick Figures at the end of 2014. Unfortunately this means that if you are looking to purchase something in particular, you will need to search for retailers on-line who still may have stock, or resort to eBay or similar auction sites.


Have you been paid to set up / run this website by Robert Harrop Designs?

Ha ha I wish. The entire website has been set up at my own considerable expense, and will continue to do so. It has however been done with the knowledge and consent of Matt and Dan Buckley of Robert Harrop Designs, and indeed they have supplied me with invaluable material and information found on the site.