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Robert Harrop Designs Camberwick Green Archive

Studio Spy - Introduction

This section aims to bring you photographs, sketches, plans and information from behind the Robert Harrop Designs studio door. I hope to include previously un-seen images of various prototypes, some of which made it into full production and others that were abandoned for a multitude of reasons.


Once again, I would like to record my appreciation to Matt Buckley who kindly granted me access to his library of sketches and plans. It is only when you have had the opportunity to look at this original material, as I fortunately have, that you start to comprehend the scale of preperation and planning that goes into producing even the most 'straight forward' (if there is such a thing) of figures.


To facilitate easy navigation and to make this section as aesthetically appealing as possible, I have subdivided it into three subsections - Characters, Vehicles, Music Boxes and Miscellaneous. (Note that some Music Boxes are designed as Vehicles, and by default I have shown these in the Music Box subsection). These subsections can be accessed via the links to the left of this page.


Matt's plans etc. were produced on either cartridge paper and/or tracing paper, and in the latter case it has been harder to reproduce the finite detail when transferring them to this site, but hopefully the reproduced image will provide the viewer with at least some idea of the detail that goes into the making of a figure. In addition, some of the plans and sketches were originally produced on A3 size material, and again I trust that reducing the size to facilitate website viewing does not detract from the original.


Matt explained the early stages of the process thus "I used tracing paper because that way I could place it over a rough sketch and then determine more accurate dimensions. I always had to bear in mind material thickness so that we could both sculpt and produce it. Of course the originals were made from cardboard etc. which explains some of the interesting designs and curves of Gordon's vehicles....I found Chippy Minton's car particularly unique and tricky in this aspect "


Due to its very nature, this section will be somewhat organic, and therefore will hopefully expand as and when new (or rather old) images and information come to light. My personal hunt for a picture of the CG equivalent of the Holy Grail - one of the five prototype Pippin Fort continues. In the intervening years, should you believe you have a picture or photograph of something that never made it to production and are willing to share with fellow enthusiast, then please contact me via the contact link at the top of the page.